Medical Waste Disposal: The Hidden Heroes

Medical waste management services are valued by what they do not provide. Children do not play in playgrounds that are littered by the remains of successful medical procedures. Blood blotches and other nasty waste are not found in the water we drink. Our streets are not littered by regulated medical waste, which could speed the spread of illnesses and diseases that need little help. It is not a pleasant task to remove medical waste. Fortunately, we will never come into direct contact with this dirty and scary material. Recommended reading?

It is difficult to dispose of medical waste that has been contaminated. To do so in a way that would not be seen in disaster films or our worst nightmares, it takes a complex infrastructure that involves dozens of different companies. It is already possible for an infection to spread without syringes contaminated with bacteria floating around in the sewage. Infected individuals can transmit an infection to others by touching the handles of public transport. This illness will spread quickly through your workplace and social circle. In places with little to no control on medical waste disposal, the likelihood of disease outbreaks is extremely high.

It’s not uncommon for me to spend time worrying about things such as the mishandling of medical waste. This seems to be a very fertile way for us all to die. Even the smallest budget cut could result in a piece of blood-soaked gauze used to treat an infection ending up at the wrong location and exposing a school or office to disease. The outbreak would spread quickly and before anyone knew it, the population could be shrinking faster than we can even cry. Once a disease has spread, it is not easy to stop.

Although I may be alarmist, I do not intend to. I can see that those who are behind the medical waste disposal keep us safe, as well as our coworkers, neighbors, friends and families. Even if it is too much for them to handle, they deserve the credit.